What Makes a Strong Instagram Account

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So you read my article about how Instagram Stories are the best way to make a connection with your audience and you want to invest more in the platform.


But don’t neglect the importance of how your regular Instagram account page is responsible for getting you the followers to build the connection in the first place.

Stories VS Account Page

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Becoming a regular Instagram Story-er is great for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that you build a longterm rapport with the people that follow you.  They get to see behind-the-scenes of your business or your personal life.

People connect with people.

So it makes sense that using Instagram Stories is going to help your target market learn who you are and feel like they really know you in a shortened amount of time.

A regular Instagram Account Page, however, is the foundation upon which you build your Instagram Story house.  Without a good Instagram account page, you won’t get people to follow you at all.

Education or Entertainment

It’s important to understand that people will follow an account (or read a website, or search for something on Google) for one of two reasons: education or entertainment.  Think about it: you’re here to learn something about marketing!  If you don’t learn anything, you’re not going to come back to my website or recommend it to a friend.  (Speaking of, please recommend this blog to a friend.  If you know another entrepreneur friend or small business owner who could benefit from it, please send them the link!!  No for real please.  I’ll still be here when you come back.)

Rarely does anyone seek both education and entertainment from a single source.  And as content creators, we’re often smartest to focus on trying to do one really well than to try to do an ok job on both.\

So getting back to the topic at hand; how does that pertain to why an Instagram account page is important?  I’ll answer that in just a second.

Last Person you Followed

Take a quick second to try to think about the last person you followed on Instagram.  Do you remember how you stumbled upon their page?  Do you remember how many photos you checked out and liked before you pressed the coveted follow button?

It’s hard to nail it down because, if you’re like most Instagram users, it happens all so fast.  You do these things largely subconsciously and are unaware of why you’re doing them.

What was the turning moment that made you decide: “Ok, I want to see this in my regular Instagram feed”?  Chances are you can’t articulate it.  And even if you did, it’s a different moment for everyone.

So while it’s hard to define when someone is going to follow us, it’s easy to figure out why they follow us.

What we’re chasing when we follow someone is a feeling: we like the vibe and style of an Instagram page that we decide is then worth following.  It’s not just a single image or post that makes us decide to follow an account; it’s the feel of the entire thing and the consistency of their quality of content.

How do I earn followers?

When your target audience lands on your page, it’s important that the impression they get from you is one that resonates with their interests and lifestyle.  They want to know that you’re a high-quality page that’s going to share consistent types of content that’ll now appear in their regular Instagram feed.

But how do you guarantee your account resonates with the audience you want?

The answer is pretty simple:

Post good, consistent content

Seems so elementary, doesn’t it?  You’d be surprised how difficult this is to pull off.

Why is good, consistent content important?

If you’ve ever done any sort of online shopping for anything, the product shots you see are often executed in the absolute best light or in the best context that the product lives in.  Why do brands do this?

The quality of content you share including your product indicates the kind of quality the customer can expect when they purchase it.

Does McDonalds post iPhone photos of its burgers that customers have taken?  No.  They hire a crew of people to craft the absolute best possible representation of their burgers.  And when you’re hungry with cash in your hand, that burger begins to look mighty tasty.

The same principle applies to anyone that follows you on Instagram.  Like I said before, the way you present your product–even in your Instagram feed–gives subconscious clues to your customers about what their experience will be like.

Step it Up

If your product is a physical one, things like good lighting (often residual light from beside a window) and simple backgrounds are a great place to start with displaying your product in the best way possible.

If your product is a digital one (or a service), instead what you want to sell is the lifestyle that accompanies your product.  This often involves more work to communicatex but is definitely not impossible.

Followers will land on your Instagram page and scroll until they see a post they like.  They’ll check it out, go back, and continue scrolling to see a little more if they think your business might be worth following.  If they find consistent, high-quality content that is in-line with their interests, they’ll press that glorious Follow button and you can begin the next stage of the game to develop the relationship with your audience.

Don’t settle for mediocre moments in your feed unless you’re ok with giving the impression that you have a mediocre product.