Target the Right Audience with a Buyer Persona

Target the Right Audience with a Buyer Persona - Marketing Blog by Aidan Hennebry Graphic Designer-01

Ever heard of a Buyer Persona?  I hadn’t until I had.  At first I thought they were kind of dumb, but the more I forced myself to consider them, the more it made sense.

A Buyer Persona, if you’re unaware, is a social profile of your average customer.  It includes as much information that is common between your average customers as possible.  It’s important to understand that every small business will have a different buyer persona, and what your business does will greatly affect who your buyer is!

Men’s Boutique Buyer Persona (Sample)

Let’s slip into the (leather) shoes of a Men’s Boutique small business owner.  After profiling buyers (not people that walked in the door, but people that parted ways with their cold, hard cash) for a month, here’s what we discover about our average buyer:

  • Men aged 18 – 34
  • Well dressed
  • Clean shaven or neat facial hair
  • Often using the newest iPhone or only 1 generation behind
  • Spend an average of 16 minutes in the store before leaving with an item
  • Try on an average of 4 items before purchasing
  • Average of 3 items per sale, typically 2 articles of clothing and 1 accessory
  • Projected middle- to upper-class household income
  • Highly engaged on social media
  • Usually come in after 4pm
  • Often single or newly married
  • Typically work for local, independent establishment

Now, is this a mugshot style description of every customer that swipes a credit card at the counter?  Absolutely not.  But the majority of the sales made that month shared these common traits among their buyers.

Refining Your Marketing Approach

Gathering all of this information and using it can help make our marketing more effective.  But how?

When you intimately understand your customers and what moves them to make a purchase, you can use that to grow your business organically.

Especially if you use any form of outbound marketing tactics like social media ads (or even the copy you use on your most underrated marketing tool–your website), you can target demographics on different characteristics like their location (arguably most important), gender, age, interests, and more.

Creating a Buyer Persona will help you better understand your audience and maximize your return-on-investment regarding every marketing tactic you take part in.

Why spend time / money / effort on customers who don’t buy your product?

Questions for Your Own Buyer Persona

Hopefully by now you can start to understand the benefits of a persona.  While I can’t guide you through the best way to use the information you can glean from your buyers, I can at least help you out with building a persona.

Ask yourself these questions to better understand the people that buy your product:

  1. How old is my average customer?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Does one gender tend to buy my product more than the other?
  4. What age range does my business most appeal to?
  5. What do my customers do for a living?
  6. What do they do with their free time?
  7. How do they find my business?
  8. What social media platform do they spend the most time on?

This is just a standardized list of questions to get you thinking from the perspective of your audience.  Don’t let the questions stop there.

The more specific you can get about your audience, the more likely you are to find more like them.