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Rain Day Backup Locations

Some of these are free

Some will cost money

Free ones are not guaranteed to work

Nor are paid ones

GAGE PARK GREENHOUSE - Permit needed - whole place to yourself

RBG - Permit needed - Similar to above but not perfect

DUNDURN CASTLE - Permit (sometimes) needed - Still not a ton of diversity, not great if absolutely pouring nonstop

HAMILTON LIBRARY - Permit needed - haven’t shot here before so lot of unknowns

AGH - Permit needed - Just someone’s reception spot? Another pro is location / outdoors if it lets up

SPICE FACTORY - Permit needed - no idea if it’s any good

PARKADE - No permit - It’s a parkade. Depends if you like that

CITY HALL - No permit I think? - Funky and free. Also relatively spacious

BRIDGE OVERPASSES AT CARTER PARK - No permit - Kind of boring but at least covered. Cars?