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Especially if your business is new, it’s easy to overlook the importance of one crucial element of your strategy to earn the trust of your customers.

In the age of social media, it’s easy to think that the most effective use of our time is maximizing our Instagram Stories or Facebook pages, but this isn’t exactly true.  No denying, a strong social media strategy is vital to making a splash in today’s day and age, but it’s certainly not the only thing you should be investing your time in.

Why a Website Matters

If most of your business comes from word-of-mouth or personal connections, it’s easy to overlook the value a website has for you.  I challenge you to re-evaluate why a good, custom website is important to you in the longterm.

Remember Myspace?

Were you on Myspace back in the day?  Heartbroken by its eventual collapse and replacement with Facebook?  Probably not; because you likely transitioned quickly to Facebook because it was just so much easier and intuitive for sharing and connecting.

In the glory days of Myspace, it was hard to imagine that a better website could come along and that it would have over 1/7th of the world’s population using it in only a few short years.  But, as we all know: it happened.  And it can happen to any social media site.

While it’s booming, every social media site seems like a good investment.  But there’s a few major hindrances social media sites have that make them dangerous to invest your entire strategy in.

The Pitfalls of Social Media

If all of your content is native and lives on a single social media site, consider how much trouble your business is in if everyone jumps ship to the latest social media app overnight.  All of your hard work creating great marketing content–literally hours and hours–is wasted by someone that’ll never see it again.

If you were trying to find a particular coffee table lamp through an online retailer and their site existed entirely on a page, how fast would you close the tab and move onto the next search option?

Why Your Website is So Important

When all of your content lives on a single social media site, you’re at the mercy of what the site does with it.  (After all, when the service is free, you’re the product.)  Think about the uproar from users every time Facebook launches a major UI change.  People hate it and threaten to leave (sometimes following through with it!).

Your website means that content is yours.  You control when it gets updated.  You control exactly what it looks like.  You control what users see first and what gets hidden from the page.

With your own website, you are 100% in control of every piece of content your audience sees–and exactly how they see it.

Most times, the simple way someone views your product is more important than the product itself.

Google is Your Friend

The last major perk of a website is making Google your friend.

When you need a plumber and asking your friends for recommendations runs dry, where do you turn?  The YellowPages?  HA!

You turn to Google.

People looking for your business need to be able to find it.  A Google search is vital.  While your social media page might be near the top right now, you can’t guarantee that page will be useful forever or retain the SEO weight is has at the moment.

It’s important to understand that there are customers out there–cash in hand–ready to spend money on what your business offers.  They just don’t know how to find you.  While social media is a fantastic way to get there, it’s not the only way, and far from the most stable.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good website.  Most of your competitors probably are.  Take it as an opportunity to outshine them.

The Comparison Test

When someone opens your website and the website of your top 5 competitors, who has the best website?

Invest in making yours the best.


Don’t know the first thing about putting a strong website together?  Drop me a line and we can discuss working together.