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Logo & Branding Prices


Your logo is the face of your company. It becomes the subconscious indicator of quality and a name that your clients can trust.

On its own, a logo often isn’t enough. When is the first time someone learns about your business? Is it your Instagram page? The vehicle wrap on your truck? A leave-behind like a business card or brochure?

Often times, it’s hard to say. So it becomes imperative that all aspects of your company’s aesthetic (your brand) are strong across the board. You want to pique interest, create intrigue, and build rapport as fast as possible.

Logo & branding investments are between $1200 and $500, before tax.

This range primarily depends on the number of materials you need designed and the timeline of the project. For more specificity, an exact quote can be provided with more information.

Sample PDFs

Click either of the links below to see a Sample PDF. These PDFs are presentations for Nautical Studios’ logo and business cards / visual concepts.