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Logo & Branding Design Process

Logo & Branding Design Process

You’ve come to the conclusion you need a new logo or brand for your business.  Fantastic!  But what does working with me actually look like?  Great question.

Graphic Designers are good at making things look impressive.  Marketers are good at making things strategic.  My goal above all is to marry these two strengths into an effective, strong, cohesive brand that is going to actually engage with your audience and differentiate you from your competitors.

In order to carry this out effectively, I’ve developed a multi-step process that we follow to execute this is the most efficient way possible.



The first (and arguably most important) step in the process is to bring me up to speed on your business, your competitors, your industry, and your position within it.

First, we begin by defining what it is we want to accomplish.  Are we trying to create a brand that renews customer interest in your business?  Are we trying to pivot away from confusion with a competitor?  Or are we starting from scratch on a brand new business venture?

This stage is important because sometimes the design materials you need are different than what you originally imagined.  I want to ensure we’re only using time and resources on things that make a real difference.

When we define what we’re trying to accomplish, we then define how we accomplish it: whether that’s as simple as a logo or as involved as a full brand including stationery, business cards, social media profiles, and much more.

You provide me with your invaluable first-hand business experience in the form of a strategic questionnaire I have you fill out.  This already provides me a ton of information, but I always take it a step further by doing my own personal research on your competitors and the trends (both from a marketing and design standpoint).



This is where the fun begins.  Armed with all of this research and information, I begin sketching concepts for your logo.  This is often pages and pages of ideas that come out in creative brainstorming sessions.  I usually take a few different days with time in between to see what new ideas surface.

Absolutely no stone is unturned in this stage.  Paper and pencil are my preferred tool of choice because they are infinitely freeing and the possibilities are endless.  There is a certain level of being “in the zone” that occurs which is one of the most unique aspects of logo design.

As phenomenal as this step is, this part of the process you don’t see just yet.  I’m in the background plugging away and really putting the “creative” aspect into this creative process.



When I’ve got a plethora of different logo concepts, I begin the process of transferring these sketches into ideas on a screen.  All of the rough edges are sanded down and the multitude of directions we can go with your brand really begin to take shape.

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to different logo ideas here.  I’m weeding-out the ideas that seemed good on paper but don’t transfer well in practice.  I’m also still open to new concepts that emerge when laying things out on the computer.  The excitement builds as more and more ideas come to life.

When I’ve maxed out my first round of concepts and I am proud of the countless different directions and variations we can pursue, I bundle these concepts together in a logo presentation PDF which is the first time you see some of my hard work come to life.

I send you the PDF with instructions on the best way to view it and breathe it all in.  There are a lot of ideas in this part of the process!  Take your time to mull over what resonates with you.



After checking out the first round of presentations, you follow up with me regarding what concepts spoke to you the most and what variations and continued exploring you’d like to see.  I then go back and refine the concept(s) that spoke loudest to you.

This is also the stage we begin exploring colour application.  Every business is massively different in what their brand needs, but one of the most thrilling parts of the entire process is seeing your favourite concepts take on a whole new personality when we begin introducing brand colours.

After I’ve explored a ton of possibilities with colour and refinement, I send you another PDF that contains all of the different directions we could go from there.




Now that we’ve nearly perfected the logo concept and decided on brand colours that suit you and all that we want to accomplish with your final brand, I make any final refinement to your chosen logo concept and begin creating mock-ups of all the different ways your logo will transform into your entire brand.

Often times here we’ll see concepts and ideas of ways that your logo and brand are malleable and appear across various mediums (think apparel, stationery, vehicle wraps, and more).

This is the final stage in solidifying what your logo is, exactly how it looks, and the final colours we will make your brand.



In Step 1 when we decided what design materials you’ll need to fulfill our process objectives, now is the time I bring those ideas to fruition.

Things like: business cards, info postcards, pamphlets, t-shirt designs, and more are concepted and sent to you in a PDF that gives you the ability to decide what one resonates the most.




Now that the process is winding down, I take the time to put together a brand guideline that you (or other designers) can follow when creating additional materials in the future.  This helps maintain consistency across everything you do which is the foundation of a solid brand.

I bundle up all of the final agreed-upon artwork files that we’ve created along the way and send those to you in a final .zip file that has instructions on use applications and backing up your files longterm.

Overall, the process is deeply involved and creates stellar results that go beyond the surface-deep effort that some designers charge for.

Again; I want all that we work on together to be directly applicable and useful to you.  I benefit from helping you grow your business, so the goal of making you succeed is at the heart of everything I do.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you’re ready to kick-off a project with me, get in touch and we can discuss logistics.  I’d be thrilled to hear from you!