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House on Hunter

House on Hunter interviews Dorothy May for an IGTV film documenting Dorothy’s life in Foster Care. Shot, directed, and edited in Hamilton entirely by Aidan Hennebry

House on Hunter & Dorothy May

IGTV Film by Aidan Hennebry

About House on Hunter & Dorothy

House on Hunter is Kristin, a fellow Hamiltonian, a mother, a connoisseur, and a foster-mother. The month of May is Foster Care Awareness Month which, as you can imagine, aims to bring awareness to children and parents that go through the Foster Care system. This being a cause that is close to Kristin’s heart, we teamed up to interview Hamilton photographer Dorothy May to learn about her experience as a child growing up in the Foster Care system.

In this film, Dorothy shares all about her experience coming up through the system and the hardships that accompany doing so. She opens up about her upbringing on camera in a way that she never has before, all the while seeking to bring honesty and gentleness when recalling her past.

Her story is a powerful one that will inspire you to reconsider how you view the Foster Care system and possibly even consider becoming involved yourself.

About the Project

This interview-style film was created for intended release on vertical-format IGTV. We filmed everything in that aspect ratio for maximum quality when editing and posting.

Everything was shot on-location at Dorothy’s home in Hamilton. We had only a short time window with fading evening light to get all of the content we needed, but we managed to pull it off.