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Discounted Work / Services Trades Agreement

Discounted Work / Services Trade Agreement


There are things in life much more important than money. I fully believe that! That’s why I’m happy to be giving you some form of discounted work.

Below are a list of five ways you can repay me with a substitution for money. These are all cost-free but have the potential to make a really tangible benefit on my business and thus the life of my family. I hope you will take the time to do all of them!


1. Tag me on Instagram

Every time you share some of the content we worked on, tag me at @aidanhennebry on both the image / video you’re sharing, and somewhere in the caption for the post. This will allow your users to easily know who helped you create this work.

2. Make a post encouraging your followers to go follow me

Write a post on social media (likely an Instagram Story, however it can be a regular post too) with a few words about what it was like to have worked with me, and ultimately concluding with encouraging your followers to go and give me a follow as well.

3. Personal Recommendations to Friends / Other Businesses

Think of two or more businesses you know that could benefit from the services I provide. Reach out to them personally with a quick message about why they might want to check out my work and possibly get in touch with me about working together on a project. Please refrain from detailing the discount provided on the work you received from me, but if you must mention numbers, discuss the value of the work I provided rather than the percentage you paid.

4. Write me a Google Review

You’d be surprised, but this is actually a massive thing you can do that only takes a minute or two but can have a really massive impact. Go to my Google Business Page here and write a review in order to help me rank higher on Google. This will help local businesses searching for vendors that offer my services to more-often see my name. The more you write, the better, but anything will do!

5. Post a link to my website from your website

In addition to climbing the Google rankings from Business Reviews, cross-linking our websites together is really beneficial. Whether you’re posting a blog on your site or updating your front page with a piece of my content, something that says “[Photo/Video/Design] work by Aidan Hennebry” with a link to my website homepage would be perfect!


I totally understand that writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s less about the quality of your writing and more about what you’re saying. As I’ve said, any little bits help a lot, and are a really fantastic way to continue to help my business in non-monetary ways.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items listed here and I’d be thrilled to answer them!